Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Metro?

The extension of Metro needs no further mention of its worthiness. It is awesomely worthwhile considering the precious service being rendered and overwhelming acceptance by the huge commuters every day. It has proved again and again that it is the only hassle-free medium of journey which can provide the maximum sigh of relief to the people of the City of Joy. The Kolkatans are indescribably indebted for its glorious service dates back 1984. But how Metro has become the suiciders’ heaven is a million dollar question. The deaths under the wheels of Metro are nothing unusual these days. It is really very shocking that suiciders’ love this finest medium most.

The impact of these frequent accidents during the busy office hours is widespread. The commuters lose their invaluable time resulting in inexpressible loss from various corners. Seemingly this malaise is incurable but keeping in view the modernization and prestige it boasts of, innovative measures should be undertaken time and again to avert this menace so that the dream journey of the citizens can be subsisted.

Do you think that there is no panacea to convalesce this wound?


Pratap said...

There is every possibility that this menace can be well treated in no time. The authority should seriously delve into it.

Anonymous said...

It is not an impossible task to avert this menace.