Monday, March 22, 2010

On-road Journey: An Unhealing Woe

With the sudden influx of railway passengers from the nearby districts of Howrah alighting at Santragachi Station on all weekdays instead of the terminal point Howrah Station, the local passengers, especially the office-goers are facing the music. Only recently, Kona Expressway has become the flagship discovery to zero in the distance amid Kolkata and some of the districts on its western bank. This has led to extreme preference by the passengers from far-fetched localities resulting in utter displeasure of the locals instead of several fleets of govt and private buses being inducted in regular intervals.

Despite several passenger vehicles rushing on every minute, the local passengers are at a loss as the vehicles ply only when it is fully loaded from its terminus, Santragachi and daredevil passengers dangling outside the door even resting a single foot on the footboard. The to and fro journey from office by riding these vehicles has become a nightmare for the office-goers these days. Very few people between Santragachi and Hastings stoppages can risk their life over time. Add to the injury is the manifold criticalities prying in mind. The private players running vehicles in this route have no concern for the passengers rather they find it as an ideal business option. In consequence, reckless driving is a regular affair, the vehicles are not properly maintained, seats are not spacious, room between two rows of seats is unscientific and above all, the question of comfort is an absolute zero.

The horrific bus journey during the office hours is an added tension amongst the commuters of this route metamorphosing the stoppages into a passenger fair with listless eyes rushing towards every vehicle but denied. Until the deployment of scores of new buses in place, it seems the woes will no longer be healed…………………..Thoughts welcome.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mouri in Bou Katha Kao

The Star-Jalsha aired Bengali soap Bou Katha Kao has won immense of accolades and thousands of beautiful hearts irrespective of age. The budding star Manali Dey swayed by innumerable fan-following and popularly identified with her cast name Mouri, Mayurakshi in full, beckons a silver-lining by a stunning success starring her maiden role. The 6-day evening delight is a fervour to engross in some romantic moods and touchy feelings amidst an array of relationships.

The spellbinding fame has notched such a zenith that people leave no room to reveal their irresistible addiction, be it at home, office, waiting places and even in moving passenger carriers. The star-casting is so beautiful that it deserves encomium from every possible corner. With Manali, the co-star Riju Biswas as Nikhil, playing the role of her beloved better half, wins countless soft hearts with his happy-go-lucky looks and simplicity. On the flip-side, the lead role of Nilima, the mother-in-law of Mouri, attracts ire of the viewers through spontaneous acting.

The attraction and acceptance touch such a sphere that the fulltime homemakers fix fervent eyes before the idiot-box leaving behind the tutorship of kids, office-goers enjoy homecoming squeezing time from preoccupations, age-olds return early from evening walk and what not!

The soap is a boon contributing three-pronged success. One, the diversified relationship blends of acting benefits the viewers to forget their psychical wounds and hard-hit loneliness a bit. Secondly, it unveils a new horizon to the talented, educated but unemployed youth to weave a career barring the main stream market of lifeless jobs. And finally but most significantly the rejuvenated Tollywood film industry fetching bulk bucks, woos unpredictable investments from far-fetched producers and raw-talented directors.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Empowering Women??

It is unfortunate that even over 60 years of Independence, we still require enactment of law to provide a space for our women. Reservations are generally made for the minorities lagging behind the main stream. But women should not be treated as minorities in India at least in terms of number. The irony of fate is that women are the most neglected and thus the largest minority in our country.

Time and again, it has been proved that with equal opportunity in a level-playing field, women can excel as best as men can. No other alternative is as good as education. It is the only medium for a better life, for a better tomorrow.

The prime impediment of all the social evils is illiteracy. Education for all is to be ensured to avoid nipping in bud of the girl child, laxity in women education and undermining equal status to women. The only elixir to empower women is education and education only.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outsourcing Care for the Aged

A polar change is imminent to redefine the lifestyle of the aged in vogue. Gone are the days where the issueless senior citizens or the old parents with NRI issues become not for nothing and count their last days lacking company, care and love.

Like all other mobile services delivered at our doorsteps, a Mumbai-based company is about to step in our City of Joy to bring back the revelation already prevailing in full-swing there. Earlier outsourcing was an inseparable term of business only. But now outsourcing is a household term even in facilitating care for the old age people. It is an initiative which helps people avail of services ranging from fixing a broken bulb to a bruise. The service costs about Rs.2,000 a month. Categorically, the service includes what not – a lonely aged can even ask for company while he is watching movies, reading out the poems or singing the song s/he loves. The upside-down change covers security, finance and healthcare concerns of the aged.

A sigh of relief for the lonely old-age people.

Cable Broadband: A Sharp No-No

Internet connectivity has hailed revolutionary changes in the socio-economic life even in the remotest corner of India. Thanks to broadband for providing accelerating services at our doorsteps. But considering the IT prowess India boasts of, the degree of broadband penetration is very dismal keeping it lagged well behind the rational estimation.

Here blinks a ray of hope. A much soughtafter plan is ready for implementation. Read on. The government is planning to spend another Rs.18,000 crore to revive the broadband penetration through laying of fibre optic cables. But laying of fibre cable to the length and breadth of India is both time-consuming and costly. It is ridiculous keeping in mind the full-fledged application of wireless communication is in place. The wireless technology is a boon of science as it is far faster and cost-effective, literally.

Better the government should think twice before implementing the revival plan.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BESUS on the way to IIEST

With the advent of the coveted budget announcement for the maiden allocation of fund by the Centre to convert the Bengal Engineering and Science University into an Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology, a festive season reigns all over the University.

There have been plethora of take-over rumours ever since the phenomenal year 2008 stepped in. Despite several initiatives from various possible corners leaving no stones unturned, the conversion remained a long-waited dream to become a reality of all the well-wishers of this renowned Institute. But it’s time for celebration now as the abode of education unveils to become a national institute of learning.

Thanks to the Ministry of Human Resource Development for this welcoming announcement which energizes the state University for an overall remodeling of its infrastructure and building of a level-playing atmosphere of national importance to widen the fruition of this long-cherished recognition so as to introduce multifarious avenues of higher education and research amongst the future aspirants of India and abroad.

Heartiest Welcome to IIEST!!!