Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cable Broadband: A Sharp No-No

Internet connectivity has hailed revolutionary changes in the socio-economic life even in the remotest corner of India. Thanks to broadband for providing accelerating services at our doorsteps. But considering the IT prowess India boasts of, the degree of broadband penetration is very dismal keeping it lagged well behind the rational estimation.

Here blinks a ray of hope. A much soughtafter plan is ready for implementation. Read on. The government is planning to spend another Rs.18,000 crore to revive the broadband penetration through laying of fibre optic cables. But laying of fibre cable to the length and breadth of India is both time-consuming and costly. It is ridiculous keeping in mind the full-fledged application of wireless communication is in place. The wireless technology is a boon of science as it is far faster and cost-effective, literally.

Better the government should think twice before implementing the revival plan.

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