Tuesday, November 10, 2009

100 out of 100

Didi’s dreams just come true with today’s by-poll results reassuring her grand presence. Her long cherished aspiration is becoming reality with a wholehearted clean-chit of 7 out of 7 from all over Bengal. Unbelievably, the ruling party is afraid to have been ousted vehemently even before the 2011 Assembly Elections as they are on their last legs. Moreover, the oldest and most recognised party of India is unprecedentedly losing its stronghold in north Bengal. The jubilant Didi has every possibility to become the prime mover of Bengal.

If the present remains perfect, will her future be perfect because seemingly her party is a one woman army and running a state like ours is not a child’s play?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Metro?

The extension of Metro needs no further mention of its worthiness. It is awesomely worthwhile considering the precious service being rendered and overwhelming acceptance by the huge commuters every day. It has proved again and again that it is the only hassle-free medium of journey which can provide the maximum sigh of relief to the people of the City of Joy. The Kolkatans are indescribably indebted for its glorious service dates back 1984. But how Metro has become the suiciders’ heaven is a million dollar question. The deaths under the wheels of Metro are nothing unusual these days. It is really very shocking that suiciders’ love this finest medium most.

The impact of these frequent accidents during the busy office hours is widespread. The commuters lose their invaluable time resulting in inexpressible loss from various corners. Seemingly this malaise is incurable but keeping in view the modernization and prestige it boasts of, innovative measures should be undertaken time and again to avert this menace so that the dream journey of the citizens can be subsisted.

Do you think that there is no panacea to convalesce this wound?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Next CM of Bengal….??

With the exit of Nano from Singur, Mamata Banerjee has become the cynosure of Bengal’s politics. With only a single Parliamentary berth, the turnaround was unbelievable even prior to the last Lok Sabha elections and the post election scenario has proved a great no no to the ruling party. The party in power never paid heed to her voice before the grand upside down. The rumour in the air is, Mamata is getting substantial support because the public want a change from the 32-year long single party ruling and not for her credit. The recent by-polls and municipal elections also reiterate the same and the supremo is leaving no stones unturned to get the most coveted post.

Do you feel that the rumour is nothing but true?

Friday, November 6, 2009

State-run Hospitals

My recent visits and subsequent overnight stay at the Medical College Hospital (MCH) have changed many a preconceived equation developed through media reporting. The state-run hospitals are in bad books for decades owing to their unhygienic atmosphere, lethargy and improper arrangements. MCH boasts of a well-planned infrastructure, sufficient number of expert doctors, caring nurses and other devoted staff members. Despite various readymade arrangements in place, it gets exhausted because of thousands of poverty-stricken footfalls craving for medical facilities every moment. It is also true that cats and rats are seen even in broad daylight. The most familiar indifference observed in MCH is due to the whimsical attendance and conduct of a section of employees on whom the machinery depends substantially.The same can be noticed not only in MCH but also in all government departments be it Central or State. These workers pay no heed to render their services but remain very punctual in office on the payday. The authority must come forward with a pledge to implement and monitor various strict measures to prevent this menace and introduce a rejig to extend the desired medical support.

Dada’s Dadagiri

The Bengali term ‘Dada’ is the most common household word. The widespread use of this word has got a mention in the English dictionary as deserved. Now it officially refers to none but the Prince of Kolkata – Sourav Ganguly. Dada’s performance as a Captain of Indian Cricket Team has outsmarted all in the field. His absence in the crease has demotivated a good many sports-lovers. Likewise, he has outperformed a number of legendary anchors by organising a popular quiz contest aired by Zee Bangla – Dadagiri. His performance is often compared with that of Big B in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Within a short span of time he has proved that he is the best in every walks of life and the programme has gained remarkable TRPs to place it in the top rung of the ladder. His wizard like style of anchoring has brought spellbound acceptance to the viewers. Dada really suits Dadagiri.

Long live DADA

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dangers from Abrupt Placement of Mobile Towers

The rapid and widespread use of mobile phones was beyond imagination even a few years back. The cheaper rate of handsets and call rates attract people belonging to every walks of life to afford the boon of modern science and technology. Globalisation and competitive attitude of telecom players have brought down the cost of availing this finest facility. TRAI has delivered a commendable effort in this unprecedented reality. The subscribers of this facility cannot even spend a single day without it as it has become a part and parcel to them. Mobile connectivity is based on electro-magnetic ray through thousands of skyrocketing towers placed in every nook and corner of our locality. But this ray smells danger. A substantial section of scientists has come to a conclusion that this ray is badly affecting the health of human being and other animated objects. The mobile towers emit 1900 MHz rays which can penetrate our body and even a concrete wall. The very presence of this ray is fatal as it lessens our immunity power and raises the chance of cancer prone diseases. The effect of this ray is maximum within a radius of one square kilometer of a tower.

According to the Department of Environment, people are not aware of the pros and cons of this probable danger and getting prey of different diseases unknowingly. In regard to placement of towers, implementation of strict measures should be in place in no time so that the degree of damages can be short-lived.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bandh: No More a Problem Solver?

Bandhs in Bengal are no more uncommon. There is a rumour that a 12-hour Bangla bandh is on the anvil. Calling bandhs have become an easy way out here to protest any unagreeable demand by the opponent political parties by using muscle power. No other states in India observe such a series of bandhs every year like ours. Sudden declaration of bandh sounds nothing surprising to our ears now. Bandh has become a very familiar affair in our dynamic life. We, the public, accept bandh as an extra consecutive holiday which comes either before Saturday or after Sunday as a bonus. We have accustomed ourselves in keeping us confined at home during bandh as it is a respite from the dangers of the violent and organized activities which sarcastically prove that the bandh called is a great success.

In politics, there remains no assessment of loss of public money and destruction of time and energy. But in reality, bandh can be termed as an organized crime which can only pull us to the back foot and it is nothing but a stymie for every society.

Vigilance Awareness

It is a matter of great importance that Vigilance Awareness Week is being observed by the Central Vigilance Commission from 3-7 November 2009.

Needless to mention that our society has become corrupted in performing each and every duty assigned. Every Government departments - be it Central or State may be more or less running under corruption. We should strive to make our society free from corruption. In making our dream of a society without corruption, the observance of Vigilance Awareness is a praiseworthy endeavour. To prevent corruption, there must be implementation of effective preventive measures so that transparency, accountability, fair-play and objectivity are strictly observed and maintained.On this occasion, it is welcoming to all of us to come together and pledge to create a corruption free society.

Wish the Awareness Week every success.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Value of Life

Life is really an exceptional game of shots altogether. It has ups and downs during the whole journey from birth to death. A complete journey of life teaches a person a lot and resultantly an experienced one emerges out of the prolonged journey of life.

With the age, the value of life changes to people with whom one lives. Different stages in life bring different meaning. Whenever a life has no expectation to provide to its surroundings, the very life becomes valueless. Emotion, passion, love change with the necessity of life.

In a word, life carries different values during its journey. Life is always valuable till it brings fruition and it becomes valueless when it is barren to the society.