Friday, November 6, 2009

State-run Hospitals

My recent visits and subsequent overnight stay at the Medical College Hospital (MCH) have changed many a preconceived equation developed through media reporting. The state-run hospitals are in bad books for decades owing to their unhygienic atmosphere, lethargy and improper arrangements. MCH boasts of a well-planned infrastructure, sufficient number of expert doctors, caring nurses and other devoted staff members. Despite various readymade arrangements in place, it gets exhausted because of thousands of poverty-stricken footfalls craving for medical facilities every moment. It is also true that cats and rats are seen even in broad daylight. The most familiar indifference observed in MCH is due to the whimsical attendance and conduct of a section of employees on whom the machinery depends substantially.The same can be noticed not only in MCH but also in all government departments be it Central or State. These workers pay no heed to render their services but remain very punctual in office on the payday. The authority must come forward with a pledge to implement and monitor various strict measures to prevent this menace and introduce a rejig to extend the desired medical support.

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