Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dangers from Abrupt Placement of Mobile Towers

The rapid and widespread use of mobile phones was beyond imagination even a few years back. The cheaper rate of handsets and call rates attract people belonging to every walks of life to afford the boon of modern science and technology. Globalisation and competitive attitude of telecom players have brought down the cost of availing this finest facility. TRAI has delivered a commendable effort in this unprecedented reality. The subscribers of this facility cannot even spend a single day without it as it has become a part and parcel to them. Mobile connectivity is based on electro-magnetic ray through thousands of skyrocketing towers placed in every nook and corner of our locality. But this ray smells danger. A substantial section of scientists has come to a conclusion that this ray is badly affecting the health of human being and other animated objects. The mobile towers emit 1900 MHz rays which can penetrate our body and even a concrete wall. The very presence of this ray is fatal as it lessens our immunity power and raises the chance of cancer prone diseases. The effect of this ray is maximum within a radius of one square kilometer of a tower.

According to the Department of Environment, people are not aware of the pros and cons of this probable danger and getting prey of different diseases unknowingly. In regard to placement of towers, implementation of strict measures should be in place in no time so that the degree of damages can be short-lived.

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