Friday, April 30, 2010

Light in Darkness!!

This summer has been witnessing a series of power cuts in each and every day, which began long before the arrival of this Bengali New Year. The frequency of load-shedding is increasing day by day leading to a dismal state of affairs. With the advancement of time, the use of power is growing and the demand is acute owing to the increasing use of various modern appliances. Add to this, is the severe change in weather condition. The scorching heat during the whole day is becoming unbearable. In consequence, the use of air conditioners is getting doubled rapidly.

According to recent reports revealed by the leading dailies, lawlessness is in its zenith in production and transportation of coal from various coal mines across the country. Coals are being looted from hundreds of wagons by several gangs of local looters in broad daylight and in the presence of police personnel posted in considerable numbers. That the coal is smuggled abruptly was nothing uncommon to us but the looting is done in the absolute presence of police administration, which is unforeseen and purely shameful. Though the Ministry reports suggest that there are sufficient sources of coal throughout India but it is depleting horribly because of the heavy usage in producing thermal energy.

Based on the resources and technology available, we are bound to produce thermal power. But we should be cautious to utilize this limited resource and alternative sources of power should be discovered and put in place in no time. The production of hydro-electric power should be strengthened in every possible location. It would have been most welcoming if solar power could be produced without heavy infrastructural investment.

Power is indispensable and it is preposterous and shameful to live in ever increasing power cuts due to shortage of supply. Special attention should be driven immediately so that this menace can be cured through establishing new energy producing units and proper upkeep of the existing ones.