Sunday, November 1, 2009

Value of Life

Life is really an exceptional game of shots altogether. It has ups and downs during the whole journey from birth to death. A complete journey of life teaches a person a lot and resultantly an experienced one emerges out of the prolonged journey of life.

With the age, the value of life changes to people with whom one lives. Different stages in life bring different meaning. Whenever a life has no expectation to provide to its surroundings, the very life becomes valueless. Emotion, passion, love change with the necessity of life.

In a word, life carries different values during its journey. Life is always valuable till it brings fruition and it becomes valueless when it is barren to the society.

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Pratap said...

Value of life depends on some basic characteristics in one’s life. The very parents and atmosphere help build the value of life. Parents are the backbone in building a child into a noble one. Every human being has his own ethics in assessing the value of life. Value of life differentiates with man to man. It is perhaps not sure whether people have any gross idea about the value of life. Many of us do not know why we are here, what is our duty and responsibility, for what reasons we are striving for ourselves. Life has loads of obligations. Surmounting these obligations and then live for the upliftment of the rest of the world may be the best value to be ascertained in life.