Monday, March 22, 2010

On-road Journey: An Unhealing Woe

With the sudden influx of railway passengers from the nearby districts of Howrah alighting at Santragachi Station on all weekdays instead of the terminal point Howrah Station, the local passengers, especially the office-goers are facing the music. Only recently, Kona Expressway has become the flagship discovery to zero in the distance amid Kolkata and some of the districts on its western bank. This has led to extreme preference by the passengers from far-fetched localities resulting in utter displeasure of the locals instead of several fleets of govt and private buses being inducted in regular intervals.

Despite several passenger vehicles rushing on every minute, the local passengers are at a loss as the vehicles ply only when it is fully loaded from its terminus, Santragachi and daredevil passengers dangling outside the door even resting a single foot on the footboard. The to and fro journey from office by riding these vehicles has become a nightmare for the office-goers these days. Very few people between Santragachi and Hastings stoppages can risk their life over time. Add to the injury is the manifold criticalities prying in mind. The private players running vehicles in this route have no concern for the passengers rather they find it as an ideal business option. In consequence, reckless driving is a regular affair, the vehicles are not properly maintained, seats are not spacious, room between two rows of seats is unscientific and above all, the question of comfort is an absolute zero.

The horrific bus journey during the office hours is an added tension amongst the commuters of this route metamorphosing the stoppages into a passenger fair with listless eyes rushing towards every vehicle but denied. Until the deployment of scores of new buses in place, it seems the woes will no longer be healed…………………..Thoughts welcome.

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