Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outsourcing Care for the Aged

A polar change is imminent to redefine the lifestyle of the aged in vogue. Gone are the days where the issueless senior citizens or the old parents with NRI issues become not for nothing and count their last days lacking company, care and love.

Like all other mobile services delivered at our doorsteps, a Mumbai-based company is about to step in our City of Joy to bring back the revelation already prevailing in full-swing there. Earlier outsourcing was an inseparable term of business only. But now outsourcing is a household term even in facilitating care for the old age people. It is an initiative which helps people avail of services ranging from fixing a broken bulb to a bruise. The service costs about Rs.2,000 a month. Categorically, the service includes what not – a lonely aged can even ask for company while he is watching movies, reading out the poems or singing the song s/he loves. The upside-down change covers security, finance and healthcare concerns of the aged.

A sigh of relief for the lonely old-age people.

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