Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bandh: No More a Problem Solver?

Bandhs in Bengal are no more uncommon. There is a rumour that a 12-hour Bangla bandh is on the anvil. Calling bandhs have become an easy way out here to protest any unagreeable demand by the opponent political parties by using muscle power. No other states in India observe such a series of bandhs every year like ours. Sudden declaration of bandh sounds nothing surprising to our ears now. Bandh has become a very familiar affair in our dynamic life. We, the public, accept bandh as an extra consecutive holiday which comes either before Saturday or after Sunday as a bonus. We have accustomed ourselves in keeping us confined at home during bandh as it is a respite from the dangers of the violent and organized activities which sarcastically prove that the bandh called is a great success.

In politics, there remains no assessment of loss of public money and destruction of time and energy. But in reality, bandh can be termed as an organized crime which can only pull us to the back foot and it is nothing but a stymie for every society.


gautam buddha datta said...

Bandh is the last resort. Though the concept of bandh is unknown to the deveoped countries political parties should use it unless it is inevitable.

Soumen Paul said...

Thanks a lot for your valued comment, Sir.