Monday, May 31, 2010

Dwindling Population of the Majestic Beast

The population of tiger is dwindling dramatically. Though India boasts of having the highest number of tigers in the world till date yet it has lost two-thirds of its tiger population within a decade or so. The increasing demand for tiger skins and body parts especially from China for procuring medicines and aphrodisiacs has attracted the complicity of poachers and Forest Department to make a lucrative business of poaching. As China is celebrating this year as ‘Year of the Tiger’, it seems poaching will be made extensively.

Seemingly, the government is innocent about the whereabouts of the poachers. But in reality, the Forest Department and the Nation Tiger Conservation Authority themselves are responsible for poaching and thus the tiger trade is rampant and the poachers continue to roam free. The slipshod government effort to protect this endangered species is an organised crime and a national shame.

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